Grad Night is an annual, all-night, all-inclusive party allowing MSHS seniors to celebrate together one last time, after graduation. More than "just a party," Grad Night is a commitment by parents, school, and the community to conduct a great, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that is alcohol- and drug-free on this memorable night.

The price includes all transportation, activities, entertainment, and food. No additional fees or spending money is required. The locations and activities for Grad Night are intentionally kept under wraps, both to add to the excitement of the evening and to protect attendees from event crashers. All venues are vetted by a professional Grad Night company prior to selection by the Grad Night Committee.

Grad Night gives our grads an extraordinary experience and also a chance to celebrate with their friends in a fun, safe and sober environment.

Early Bird Discount $199

Jan 1st - Mar 31st $225

Regular Cost $249

*Thank you for helping to keep our non-profit expenses low by covering the convenience fee assessed to us when we collect your payment

Scholarships are available through the MSHS PTSA -- we believe that EVERY Mount Si graduate should be able to attend this event regardless of their financial situation. Contact MSHS PTSA for scholarship info.

Please Consider volunteering to make this event possible

(We encourage parents/supporters of 11th, 10th, or 9th-graders to sign up as a way to pay it forward so that senior parents can enjoy the graduation event/guests)


  • Who can attend the All-Night Senior Grad Party?

Only graduating Seniors registered with the Snoqualmie Valley School District are invited to attend.

  • What is the date and time?

Seniors will board buses immediately following the graduation ceremony on June 14th and will be returned to MSHS early the next morning.

  • What is the Refund Policy?

There are no refunds. Your non-profit PTSA uses all of the funds collected during registration to put down deposits, purchase supplies, and plan for the registered number of grads, so is unable to refund money if your plans change. Please contact the PTSA to discuss extenuating circumstances.

  • Why are locations kept secret?

Event locations remain under wraps to ensure the All-Night Grad Party remains safe, sober, and drug-free.

  • May Seniors drop in at any time?

No. All Seniors and chaperones board buses shortly after check-in. Unregistered or late students will not be permitted to attend. The All-Night Grad Party committee and volunteers must account for every student throughout the night.

  • What Paperwork do I need to fill out to complete the registration?

After your online registration and payment are complete, the final step is to complete the legal agreement/release, cell phone agreement, and optional medical form. You may fill these out electronically and return by email, or print and bring them to the next senior meeting, handing them directly to a PTSA representative.

  • Does Grad Night need Volunteers?

Yes! The Grad Night Committee cannot manage this event without volunteers to chaperone. Sign Up Here or share it with parents of 9th - 11th graders:)


Contact the MSHS PTSA Grad Night Committee at with Questions