June 1st @6pm (seniors assemble @4:45)

It does cost $thousands to put on the car parade (some costs are police support, portable outhouses, staging area). Consider donating to support PTSA programming, including the car parade. Thank you!

Your new favorite tradition, the 5th Annual Senior Student Car Parade

hosted by PTSA.

Must be pre-registered and sign a waiver to participate.

 ONE or TWO seniors per car. Seniors and their driver arrive at DirtFish at 4:45. Parade ends at Jacobia Street. More details TBA.

2024 Senior Car Parade Guidelines (Date: June 1st)


  • 4:45pm – Seniors and their driver will arrive at DirtFish in their pre-decorated car. (Address 7001 396th Drive SE) Car decorations are a personal choice but must be in good taste.  Any car arriving with inappropriate decorations including slogans or signage will be turned away.  An emphasis on Mt Si colors or ones indicating the senior’s next chapter is encouraged.  Decorations should be well secured and not include any items that could fall off and become a hazard. Seniors will wear cap and gown.  Cars will immediately begin staging.
  • Access to DirtFish will be on the eastside 396th Drive SE.  You can arrive from Meadowbrook, Reinig road but avoid Mill Pond Road.
  • You must arrive no later than 5:30 or you will not be allowed to participate in the parade. NO late students will be allowed.  You may not join the parade at any point along the route
  • If you want to follow a friend, you will need to arrive at DirtFish in that order.  Cars will be staged based on the time of arrival at DirtFish.
  • For safety passengers must remain near their vehicles at DirtFish.  Students that do not follow rules may be asked to leave.
  • Porta Pottys for participants will be at the top of the stairs near helipad.
  • Only passenger cars and trucks will be permitted.
  • All drivers must have a current drivers license, registration and insurance as required by Washington State Law.
  • Follow all traffic requirements and laws.
  • Please leave Dirtfish site cleaner than when you arrive. They donate the location for you.


  • Participants will remain in their vehicles.
  • Only parent or family members will be permitted to drive.  Seniors are NOT allowed to drive themselves so they can focus on waving and greeting their spectators.
  • Pay attention to the car in front of you at all times.
  • Keep the speed of the parade; try not to race ahead or slam on brakes - 5MPH will be kept for the duration of the parade route. This slow pace allows for spectators to see and cheer for each of you.
  • Distance between cars should be at least 100 ft.
  • Follow the directions of law enforcement, city officials, pace cars and volunteers.


  • Parade will end at Jacobia street.